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      Global COSMAX
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      Global COSMAX

      K-BEAUTY is a global company and a fast growing world leader that exports to 75 countries

      K-BEAUTY, Cosmetics ODM history maker

      Cosmetics ODM of Korea has about 20 years history. Looking at the about 50 ~ 80 years history of foreign cosmetics OEM, COSMAX has remarkable achievements within the short history. You can see from this figure, COSMAX has been playing as the leader of cosmetics ODM of Korea. We has agreed the supply contract with world's largest cosmetics L group for the first time in Korean cosmetic history and also supply whitening functional cosmetics to M company of America direct sales group which boasts four trillion (won, dollar???) annual revenue. Also, we were the first ISO 9001 certified ODM cosmetics company, first GMP certified from TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) of Australia, and certified ISO 14001 for environmental management sector, and certified Ecocert. “The Korea first” modifier is followed by the name of COSMAX. COSMAX China is a branch of Korea COSMAX headquarters in China. It has established and operated a total of three plants with the first factory in 2004 in Shanghai, and expanding to Shanghai No 1 and 2 Plant in Shanghai and No 1 in Guangzhou, for the Chinese customers and the global customers who wish to manufacture in China.
      Korea 250 million
      China 200 million
      (500 million by 2016)
      Guangzhou 80 million
      (100 million by 2016)
      Indonesia 40 million
      USA 100 million
      Cosmax's CAPA by country

      We are competing with global ODM cosmetics companies beyond the Korean market

      COSMAX has exported lip gloss products to Body Shop Pacific, an Asian subsidiary of Body Shop, the British global cosmetics companies, and Company C in Malaysia, R Company in Hong Kong and F distributor in USA and a variety of products to numerous global companies. Currently, we are the largest supplier of key products to L cosmetics group and growing the exports revenues significantly every year.

      We are the first and the only supplier in South Korea who deliver our developed products to the global company

      In February 2004, we made the contract for 'M brand' products in OBM production for L group, the world's largest cosmetics group, for the first time in South Korea.
      Afterwards, we have been providing products to seven countries in Southeast Asia as well as Korea, China and Japan through 4 subsidiaries of the L group. Especially in Japan, COSMAX eye shadow products that we supplied in 2007 showed a rising market share from 2% to 7% and obtained a good response. This product obtained the sensational popularity among consumers and was selected as flagship advertising product of the M brand in year 2009. Now this product has expanded its market to Europe.

      Our won developing products global luxury eye shadow enamored by the world - L Group luxury brands

      In 2006, we, for the first time in Korea, started supplying eye shadow products to the premium brand that have sales channel in department stores worldwide. The products that COSMAX has developed with our own technology have gained a good response and supplied our new products every season of the year. Benefited from this success, it is expanded other items to be developed and supplied.

      COSMAX is known in Europe, USA and Latin America

      Since 2003, we began to supply the functional cosmetic whitening cosmetics to American company M, a world class cosmetic direct sales group. And in 2009, we started full-fledged production for Europe, USA and Latin America. With this, industry professional in Korea comments in one voice that this is the very success and recognition in Europe and USA, the home countries of cosmetics and may become a valuable opportunity to let it known about technological edge and product power of Korean cosmetic industry. In addition, J Multinational Corporation of Korea was selected as the only official supplier in Korea and gives a brighter outlook for orders in the future

      Global COSMAX, by converging technology and customer service with ART

      3 key factors in the successful business with global enterprises, says COSMAX officials

      The first successful factor is our world class R & D capability.
      HQ of COSMAX Korea operates the skin care and make-up laboratory. In addition, Oriental Herbal Prescriptive Cosmetics laboratory, fragrance laboratory and efficacy assessment team are operated by the highly qualified researchers in order to provide objective product related data to customers. Powerful and capable human resources are widely recognized in home and abroad. COSMAX Korea has highly qualified 162 Korean and 69 Chinese in R&D sector.

      The second factor is in the system that COSMAX has equipped with, which meets the requirements of production and quality management of global corporation. COSMAX was certified of ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO14001 (environmental management) and OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management), in addition to, it was certified of GMP from Australian Federal Drug Administration, which is the first and only certification among Korean cosmetic companies. As an OEM/DDM company, we have Ecocert certified production facility. These are all consisting of optimized outsourcing environment in the view of global companies.

      The third successful factor is customer service.
      We believe that our proactive approaches to customers services from their perspective are effective in overseas market, not just adhere to conventional passive stance. We provide not only the basic customer services as a ODM company such as continuous proposal of new products and timely supply at right amount, but also we have implemented the latest IT system and committed to solve the potential issues of customers and to upgrade the system tailored to the needs of customers. These efforts are the reason to enhance the satisfaction of customer