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      Product Introduction
      BEAUTY PRODUCTFunctional
      UV protection
      • The product has function to block or scatter UV to protect the skin from UV rays.
      Product development
      Air Cushion
      Sun Lotion
      Nonchemical Sun Milk
      Sun Spray
      Two Way Cake
      Liquid Foundation
      Make-up Base
      BB Cream (various SPF, PA figures available)
      The number of permission: 16 cases, 26 cases under application
      • The product has a skin whitening effect that helps to prevent melanin pigmentation in the skin and inhibiting the spots and freckles or helps to lighten the color of melanin pigmentation in the skin.
      Product development
      21 items are under application Arbutin
      Pure Vitamin C
      oil-soluble licorice extract and notified and non-notified components
      Multi-functional products
      • Cosmetic products combines whitening and UV Protection Functional purpose.
      Product development
      3 items are under application