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      Customer Service
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      <Company> Some of the content of this website may be out of date.

      The website is operated based on employee participation and customer interest.
      If the contents of this website seem to be in need of revision, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following number:
      PR team Tel: 031-789-3081

      <Product> What do I need to do to export Cosmax products overseas?

      Cosmax has abundant export experience with global companies in many countries.
      We perform R&D, manufacturing, and exporting of all types of cosmetic products and non-medicinal products. If you are interested in discussing exports or in commissioning us to develop products to be exported, please contact us at the following number and we will answer your query as soon as we can:
      * Overseas Marketing HQ

      • - Tel : 031-789-3462
      • - e-mail : myeum@cosmax.com

      <Product> Where can I find out how to use Cosmax products?

      First, please refer to the user manual provided with your product. If you cannot find a manual, or if the explanation in the manual seems insufficient, submit your questions through our website’s Q&A section and provide product details (the supplier, brand name, and product name, etc.), and we will do our best to answer your question.

      <Product>How can I purchase a Cosmax product?

      Cosmax is an ODM/OEM company, which means that it is dedicated to developing and manufacturing products without selling them directly to consumers. We provide our products to well-known cosmetics companies in Korea and elsewhere.

      Cosmax does not sell its products under its own brand name.

      If you have any specific product in mind, please submit the product details (supplier, brand name, product name, etc.) through our Q&A section, and we will do our best to help you with your question.

      Thank you.

      <Company>How can I do business with Cosmax?

      Cosmax is engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of all types of cosmetics, health foods, and medicines.

      For more information or to arrange a product development meeting with us,please contact the head of the Marketing Team at the following number: 031-789-3000

      <Product>How can I have a complaint about a Cosmax product addressed?

      There are various types of product complaints.

      These include complaints related to defects in product contents, problems created during distribution, problems with vessels or packaging material, and problems with shelf life.

      If a product itself is the source of the problem, contact us at 031-359-0391 or post on our website’s Q&A section.

      For problems originating from distribution, vessels, or packaging materials, you can contact the customer service departments of the company that actually sold the products to you.

      <Investment>Cosmax company overview:

      Company Name - Cosmax BTI

      CEO - Gyoungsoo Lee, Joonbae Kim

      Enlistment - Stock exchange

      Enlistment code - KS 044820

      Founded in - November 1992

      Enlisted in - November 2006

      No. of shares issued - 4,801,960,500 won (9,603,921 shares)

      Face value of individual shares - 500 won

      HQ Address: E401 4th floor, Pangyo Innovalley, 255,Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Sungnam-si, Kyounggi-do

      Company Name - Cosmax

      CEO - Kyoungsoo Lee, Jaecheon Kim

      Enlistment - Stock exchange

      Enlistment code - KS 192820

      Founded in - March 2014

      Enlisted in - April 2014

      No. of shares issued - 4,499,754,000 won (8,999,508 shares)

      Face value of individual shares - 500 won

      HQ Address: 46, Jaeyakgongdan 2-gil, Hyangnam-eup, Hwasung-si, Gyounggi-do

      <Laboratory>What does R&I stand for?

      R&I is an abbreviation for Research & Innovation. Cosmax is and will always be a research company because we strive to be the best in the cosmetics field while innovating with creative ideas.

      <Laboratory>What do you have in your R&I center?

      The Cosmax R&I Center is composed of six sub-divisions, which are the skincare R&I, the makeup R&I, the mask R&I, the nail R&I, the Oriental skin R&I, and the scent R&I which individually research different formulas, as well as the Safety and Efficacy R&I, the Overseas R&I, the Innovation Team, and the Planning and Support Team, which help support the efficient development of products.
      * See the Organizational Chart icon in the website.

      <Laboratory>What degree does Cosmax require for applicants to the R&I cente?

      The Cosmax R&I center requires researchers equipped with a knowledge of chemistry and chemical engineering. Also, we seek individuals with other engineering majors, such as bio-engineering or bio-material engineering, etc.

      <Laboratory>What would a rookie researcher be responsible for at your R&I center?

      A newly recruited researcher will need to take training courses for three to six months to acquire a basic knowledge of cosmetics. Then, the new recruit is assigned to development projects for new formulas or technologies.

      <Laboratory>What are the roles of foreign corporations R&I centers?

      Cosmax has R&Is for overseas establishments in China, America, and Indonesia. Locally recruited researchers and HQ personnel assigned in overseas organizations directly engage in the development of products. Also, the R&Is of overseas establishments receive prescriptions designed by R&I at HQ and modify them to meet the needs of local and global customers.

      <Career>My major is not what you specified in your recruiting announcement. Can I still apply?

      The study majors required in our recruitment announcements only ensure basic competency that we believe is vital for the position indicated. Therefore, if you have superb competency in a relevant field but your major is only similar to or different from the major in the announcement, you can still apply. You can provide us with the details of your background in the following input fields: Awards, Licenses/Qualifications, Experience, or Cover letter.

      <Career>I do not have a certified language test score. Can I still apply?

      A certified language test score is not a requirement to apply. However, it is important to have global communication skills, so your linguistic skills may be an important factor in the selection process. If you have one or more certified language test scores for English (TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS, TOEIC Speaking, Opic), Japanese (JPT, JLPT) or Chinese (HSK, New HSK), please provide the score in your form. However, please be advised that scores issued two years or more before the end of the application period would not be accepted, and any discrepancy in the application form and the documents provided may result in disqualification of the candidate.

      <Career>Would it help to have licenses or certificates relevant to my work?

      We give preference to holders of relevant licenses or certificates. However, having such a license is not a critical factor in evaluating your application. If a position requires applicants to hold certain licenses, it will be mentioned in the recruitment announcement. The license mentioned in the form should match the actual supporting documents submitted afterwards. Any discrepancies between may result in cancellation of employment.

      <Career>Is there any age restriction for entry level applicants?

      There is no limitation on age. If you have passion and potential for the relevant work, we will not turn you down simply because of your age.

      <Career>I applied before but you turned me down. If I apply now, will I be at any disadvantage?

      If you satisfy the requirements in the announcement, you may still apply. Past failure is no disadvantage. However, please carefully check the requirements for applicants before applying.