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      Private Information Handling Policy
      homePrivate Information Handling Policy

      Private Information Handling Policy

      Cosmax Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the 'company') observes all laws and regulations regarding privacy, including the Privacy Act, and the Law on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Production, etc. The company strives to protect the rights of the users, customers, employees, and other entities subject to of information gathering. The company will notify the entities whose information it possesses through its privacy terms on how the private information will be used and what kind of protective measures are in effect to protect such information. If the company revises is privacy terms, such a revision will be announced via the Cosmax website or concerned parties will be individually notified. The privacy policy of the company that is disclosed by the company is composed of the Private Information Policy that relates to the privacy protection for all entities of information that are handled by the company and the Private Information Handling Policy on the private information of the users of the website that is operated by the company. However, other Cosmax websites than this homepage will be governed by a separate privacy policy. 針。

      2. Private Information Handling Policy

      Cosmax values the private information of its customers and observes the Law on the Promotion of the Usage of Information Networks and Information Protection. Doosan (*???) will inform the users on how the private information is used, for what purpose it is being used and what kind of protective measures are being taken to protect the private information. Cosmax will inform you of any revision or updates to the privacy handling policy through an announcement on our website or through individual notifications. The following privacy handling policy applies to this website (www.cosmax.com, hereinafter referred to as 'this site.') This policy will take effect from DATE.

      01. Installation, operation, and refusal of automatic information collection mechanism.

      From time to time, the company will use cookies or other means to store and identify your information. A cookie is a small text file, which is sent by the server to your web browser, to be saved on your hard disk. The company will use cookies for the following purposes: - To trace fields of interest, preference, and usage history by analyzing the frequency of access and the time of access, etc. - To conduct targeted marketing and personalized services by identifying tendencies during participation in events and the number of visits. You may decide whether or not to receive cookies. You can do this by changing settings in your web browser, and can choose either to allow all cookies to be saved, to ask for permission each time a cookie is to be stored, or to refuse all cookies whatsoever. (In Internet Explorer, for example) How to change settings: Access the 'Tools' menu on the menu bar > Internet Options > Privacy However, please remember that you may experience difficulties in using our services if you chose not to allow any cookies to be installed.

      02. Purpose of collection

      Cosmax may collect private information for the following purposes:
      - To process various complaints
      - To improve the services provided to our customers and to improve the quality of this website

      03. Private Information collected

      Cosmax collects the following private information for consultation and service application, etc.

      • - Collection Items
      • - Required Items: Name, email address, service usage history, access log, cookies, and access IP address
      • - Optional: Address (city, province), Tel. (contact), Country, Company Name
      • - Method for collecting private information: Website (Contact us: Cyber reporting center)

      04. How to disclose private information

      Unless users provide consent in advance, or if law enforcement agencies or legal agencies as well as other government agencies demand the disclosure of information, the private information will not be disclosed to a third party. However, the following exceptions may apply: - When the user has given consent - When required by the law, or when a request is made by a law enforcement agency in accordance with the procedures and methods set forth under the law Cosmax will not outsource the handling of the information to a third party without your permission. If it is necessary to disclose a user’s personal information in order to provide the services requested by the user, we will inform the user of the identity of the parties to which the information is to be disclosed and the contents of the services requested. Furthermore, we will only proceed with the user’s prior consent.

      05. The rights of the user or the users' legal representative, and how to exercise these rights

      The user or the legal representative of the user may access, modify, or withdraw consent to provide the private information registered with us. We will comply with such requests if you contact our Private Information Handling Department in writing, by email, or by phone. If you requested the correction of an error in private information, we will not use or provide your private information until such correction is made. Also, in the event that we have provided erroneous information to a third party, we will inform the party of the results of the processing and ensure corrections are made. Cosmax will handle terminated or deleted private information upon the request of the user or the user's legal representatives in accordance with the section "Retention and Usage Period," and ensure that the information will not be viewed or used for any other purposes.

      06. Retention and disposal of the private information

      - Retained information: Name, email address, address (city, province), telephone number (contact info.), country, company
      - Retention period: 1 year
      - Cause of retention: Management of the users' inquires and requests, identification of the users, etc.
      - Items held: service usage records, access logs, cookies, access IP address
      - Retention period: 3 years
      - Cause of retention: Collection of statistical data on the user

      A. Retention and usage period

      - Retained information: Name, email address, address (city, province), telephone number (contact info.), country, company
      - Retention period: 1 year
      - Cause of retention: Management of the users' inquires and requests, identification of the users, etc.
      - Items held: service usage records, access logs, cookies, access IP address
      - Retention period: 3 years
      - Cause of retention: Collection of statistical data on the user

      B. Disposal procedure

      The information provided by the user will be moved to a separate DB once the purpose of its collection has been fulfilled. (For information on paper, separate file cabinets will be used.) Then, the information will be stored for a certain amount of time, in accordance with the internal policies or for the purpose of information protection as set forth by the relevant laws (See Retention and Usage Period) before it is destroyed. Private information moved to a separate DB will not be used for any other purpose than storage, unless otherwise required by the law.

      C. Method of disposal

      Private information that is stored in the form of electronic files is deleted using technical methods that will prevent its recovery.

      07. External links

      This website may contain links to external websites. Cosmax does not assume any responsibilities whatsoever for the contents or use of such linked websites. The user agrees that the privacy policy of any linked website shall apply when the user uses the linked website.

      08. Protection of private information

      Cosmax limits the number of its employees who have access to users’ private information so that it can prevent unauthorized and unlawful access to such private information.

      09. Customer services related to private information

      In order to protect private information and process related customer complaints, the company has appointed a Private Information Officer and a designated department.

      A. Private Information Officer

      - Name: Sanghyun Kim
      - Tel. : 031-359-0311
      - Fax : 031-359-5559
      - Email : jangdol7101@cosmax.com

      B. Private Information Handling Department

      - Department: Support Team
      - Tel. : 031-359-0300
      - Fax : 031-359-5559
      - Email : HR@cosmax.com
      - Hours: (Mon - Fri) 08:00 ~ 00:17 If you need to report a violation of your private information or require help, please contact the following organizations:
      - Korea Internet & Security Agency (http://privacy.kisa.or.kr, or call 118)
      - Ministry of Administration and Self-Autonomy (http://www.privacy.go.kr, or call 02-2100-1737)