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      homeInfrastructureIntroduction Factory

      COSMAX R&I Center production infrastructure

      COSMAX has established 2 factories in Shanghai and 1 factory in Guangzhou so our production infrastructure are built across China

      Introduction Factory

      ??-工廠? ??? ??

      Factory Address

      • ADDRESS1568, ????, Fengsianqu, Shanghai
      • TEL 02167108705
      • FAX 02167106320

      Introduction Factory

      has production facilities for all types of skin care / makeup/ functional cosmetics as well as mask sheet.

      Key equipment

      Manufacturing Line

      Manufacturing Room

      Manufacturing division: 3 story structure, capable of dosing ingredients for sunscreen and form manufacturing. Capable of manufacturing high quality products 3 units of 2t homomixer /6 units of 1 tons homomixer / 2 units of 500L homomixer / 2 units of 300L homomixer / 1 unit of 150L homomixer

      Water Purification System

      Combined reverse osmosis (RO) and Electro deionization (EDI) system to produce the ultrapure water.

      Water purification system(Reverse Osmosis:RO)
      The salt in sea water is removed using osmosis pressure and semi-permeable membranes, allowing the sweet water of high purity to be produced.

      Electro Deionized system (Electro Delonized System)
      We have a process in which the positive electrode in this system collects the positive ions, while the negative electrode gathers the negative ions, so that the pure water that stays in the middle is collected.

      Material measuring system

      Record keeping and measurement of materials is automated, enabling us to improve the productivity and the traceability for the batch records.

      Manufacturing Management System

      We have established the automated data logging and tracking, manufacturing process data analysis by introducing manufacturing management system aiming for implement uniform manufacturing quality.

      Packaging equipment

      Lipstick charger (silicon rubber type)

      This equipment gives a glossy look to lipstick products. With this equipment, it is possible to upgrade the gloss of metallic materials with one extra step.

      Automatic charging equipment for skin lotion

      This new line also has improved productivity compared to traditional, manual type equipment.

      Swirl charger

      capable of improving product visuals by producing specialized shape of products(Skin Care: Essence, BB cream / makeup: lip gloss, foundation, skin cover)

      Wet powder former

      Makes it possible to form products in various shapes (Graphic designs can be freely applied to the surface of the product, and powder swelling can also be performed.).

      Multi-powder forming machine

      research on this machine outsourced

      Automated mask sheet machines

      Capable of rapid responding to customer requirements in a good automated production environment to make various types of mask products

      Air Cushion Automated Machine

      Capable of producing air cushion products for monochrome and two-color


      ??-工廠? ??? ??

      About the domestic Factory (China)


      Skin Care Factory

      Scale 3 floors, Total area 24.00㎡
      Products Skincare / Makeup (Annual production capacity: 200 million units)

      Makeup Factory

      Scale 3 floors, Total area 20.300㎡
      Products Scheduled to complete in 2016

      Mask factory in Shanghai

      Scale 3 floors, total area 11.200㎡
      Products Scheduled to complete in 2016 (mask pack plant)

      Shanghai Plant No 2

      Scale 4 floors, total area 24,000㎡
      Products Scheduled to complete in 2016 (color cosmetics plant)


      Scale 3 floors, total area 30,000 ㎡
      Products Skin Care / Make-up (annual 100 million CAPA)

      COSMAX KOREA Factory No. 1

      Scale 3 floors,/ 1 basement, a total area 9.000㎡
      Products Skin care / hair care / body care, etc.

      COSMAX KOREA Factory No. 2

      Scale 3 floors / 1 basement, Total area 5,200㎡
      Products Mascaras / Lip products / Quality Assurance / Administration Department

      Cosmax KOREA Factory No. 3

      Scale 3 floors, total area 5,237㎡
      Products Powders, etc.


      Scale 3 floors / 1 basement total area 9.000㎡
      Products Powders, etc.


      Scale 3 floors / 1 basement Total area 29,752㎡
      Products Skincare / Makeup (Annual production capacity: 100 million units)

      COSMAX Indonesia

      Scale 3 floors, total area 14.000㎡
      Products Skincare / Makeup (Annual production capacity: 40 million units)