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      COSMAX R&I Center
      homeR&I CenterCOSMAX R&I CenterIntroduction R&I Center

      COSMAX R&I Center

      GLOBAL NO.1 R&I Center of COSMAX provides outstanding services with the world class and world best products
      development that will be always trustworthy. COSMAX R&I Center of China is committed to develop
      the best products that will be always trustworthy, with the cooperation with GLOBAL NO.1 R&I Center of COSMAX

      Introduction to our research

      Cosmax Research Laboratory was established in 1994 and was approved as a central corporate research institution in 1997, when the company started its research on cosmetics.

      In 2004, R&I Center performed a more scientific and fundamental research activities with establishment of a bio-tech, nano-tech, new categories laboratory on which the next generation application technology is based.

      In 2007, R&I Center has an oriental herbal prescriptive cosmetics laboratory to perform fermented oriental herbal material development and stabilization, special formulation research, new formulation research. In 2009, we organized the new base research team to perform efficacy evaluation of cosmetics. COSMAX R&I Center is equipped with the appropriate research systems that meets the global standards and is committed to develop leading technologies for customers to realize the dream of beauty. We become a best partner to our customers. We are fostering employees to be equipped with professional skills and dignity by encouraging them to challenge the unexplored area, to create and execute new ideas beyond what you are familiar with, and to focus on your own specific field to become highly qualified experts. With these efforts and commitment, COSMAX R&I Center became recognized of our technical competence by the global cosmetic corporations and became known to world cosmetic market. We are fully committed to research activities as a leading pioneer of world cosmetics market.

      Organization & Division

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